Here’s a guide for how to hack on the APK Signer project.

Developer Setup

Set yourself up for local development using Python 2.7 and a virtualenv (recommended: virtualenvwrapper) like:

git clone
cd apk-signer
mkvirtualenv apk-signer
pip install --no-deps -r requirements/dev.txt

Make sure you create a local settings file:

cp apk_signer/settings/ apk_signer/settings/

Running Tests

./ test

This uses django-nose so you can do all the nose things you’re probably used to.

Running A development server

Take a look at apk_signer/settings/ and fill in some local settings according to the comments. You’ll probably need to set some things up like Amazon S3 storage credentials.

When you’re ready, start a development server like:

./ runserver

Then open

Working On Docs

pip install --no-deps -r requirements/docs.txt
make -C docs/ html